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Selezione Tartufi Truffle Salt - 3.5oz

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Black truffles (Tuber Aestivum) are used in a 5% concentration blended with Italian Sea Salt, harvested from the salt caves of Emilia Romagna. Salt from this area offers a less salty flavor than most Italian sea salts, competing less with the flavor of the truffles. The truffles have been fast-dehydrated instead of dried because dehydrating the truffles preserves their flavor and aroma far better than drying them. As a result, this salt is naturally stronger than many other truffle salts on the market, with incredible notes of dark chocolate and tamari - Umami central! It is also much less likely to clump, allowing it to be finely ground and packaged without the use of anti-caking agents. Once this intense salt blend comes in contact with any moisture, the flavor blooms not only on your palate, but throughout the room! Incredible on buttered popcorn, French fries, eggs, salmon and grilled meats.
Item No. A2D2003