Sterno Culinary Jet

Item# B2FF001


Sterno Culinary Jet, , large

Sterno Culinary Jet

Item# B2FF001
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Most of us are familiar with Sterno; it's the little cans with the blue flame that keeps food warm under chafing dishes. This Culinary Jet is an ingenious innovation that allows you to both warm and cook with Sterno. It is designed for use on a tabletop, so it can do things like keep a whole pot of soup warm right on the table. It's also great for fondue at table and even hot stone cooking. Of course you could take it camping or to the beach if grilling is out but you'd still like to freshly-prepare some hot food. So, if you want to play "fancy chef" and prepare crepes Suzette tableside for your dinner guests, or if you want to make a stir fry or soup with the fish you just caught, this is a very compact, predictable, clean heat source for when you want to take your cooking out of the kitchen.
This set includes:
• Tip-free base
• Fills with Sterno Butane fuel
• Will go for up to 90 minutes of continuous cooking
• One handed ignition
• Easily adjustable flame