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Zabar's Babka & Rugelach Crate (Kosher)

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Our family recipes for rolled, braided, gooey chocolate babka, and sweet, flakey, cinnamon rugelach lead to truly superior snacking!
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• Zabar's chocolate babka
• Zabar's cinnamon rugelach
• Zabar's chocolate bar (Summer Substitute: Almondina Original Biscotti)
• Zabar’s Special Blend coffee, 12 oz. vacuum packed
• Zabar's coffee mug
• How-to's on brewing the perfect cup.

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  • For baskets and boxes, Zabar's reserves the right to substitute similar items based on availability or weather. Chocolate items can not be shipped via ground shipping during the warm months of the year. Please call us at 212-787-2000 if you would like to expedite shipping and include chocolate products.
  • Kosher: Yes