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Monica's Cheese Plate

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If you've ever shopped for cheese in Zabar's store, chances are you've been lucky enough to have been assisted by Monica. Whether you get your cheese from our full-service counter or from the self-serve cases, Monica is there, making sure the cheese looks great and the customers are happy. So of course we asked her assistance in developing a crowd-pleasing Cheese Plate that won't bust your budget!
La Tur - Rich, buttery and earthy, with a pronounced floral tang on the finish. It looks like it would be mild, but as it ripens it becomes a bit assertive. Serve with Prosecco, Champagne, or other sparkling whites.
Montboisse, cows milk, Morbier style cheese has a line of wine lees running down the center representing the 19th century tradition of separating milk from the morning and afternoon milking. It has a mild gentle flavor with a slightly nutty finish..
Schallenberg Reserve is produced with fresh whole milk. And depending on how high the fat content is according to the season Hansruedi (cheese maker) adds cream to the milk. You get a taste of cauliflower with vanilla and toasted nuts Aged 13-14 months.
Danish Blue - full-flavored and spicy, with a melt-in-your-mouth texture, it's not just for salad anymore!
These four cheeses are among our customers' favorites, and after you savor the last bites of cheese from Monica's Cheese Plate, we're sure they'll be your favorites, too!
Contains approximately 2 lbs of cheese (approximately 8 oz of each cheese). Zabar's may substitute cheeses of greater or equal value according to availability.
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