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Zabar's Handsliced Nova Salmon

$32.00 - $64.00
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$32.00 - $64.00

New Yorkers will argue about anything – the best route to Yankee Stadium, the pro’s and con’s of bike lanes, you name it. But there’s one thing they ALL agree on: the best smoked fish comes from Zabar’s! That’s why they wait patiently (yes, patiently!) as their favorite counterman hand-slices their order. But lucky you – you don’t need to wait in line! Simply order your favorites today! All carefully selected, meticulously cured, cold-smoked and hand-sliced paper-thin. Choose 8-oz or 1-lb. Smoked nova is typically a filet of salmon that's been cured in a salt and (small amount of sugar) sugar brine. Then, it's cold smoked at no higher than 75 degrees over hard wood chips, such as hickory. Nova is the mildest of the smoked salmons. Overnight shipping required.
Item No. 211001H

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  • Package Size: 8-oz or 1-lb
  • Serving Size: 6-8 people per pound
  • Preparation: Hand sliced