Zabar's Handsliced Peppered Nova Salmon

Item# 211001J


Zabar's Handsliced Peppered Nova Salmon, , large

Zabar's Handsliced Peppered Nova Salmon

Item# 211001J
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Silky, delicate salmon. How nice! But sometimes you want something more assertive, something that will kick you in the pants a bit, wake you up. That's where Peppered Nova comes in. During curing, the exterior is pressed with coarse-ground black pepper and minced garlic. All that special treatment results in a spicy, garlicky fish. Oh, it's so delicious! Saul and Ann give it their seal of approval, just like every other piece of fish Zabar's sells, so you know it's in good company. When your good company comes over, bring out Zabar's hand-sliced Peppered Nova to go with your bagels and cream cheese. No bagels or cream cheese? Don't worry, Zabar's delivers those, too. choose 8-oz or 1-lb. Overnight shipping required.
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