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Zabar's Handsliced Scotch Cured Nova Salmon

$32.00 - $64.00
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$32.00 - $64.00

On the "smokey" scale, Scotch-Cured is more than Nova, but less than Double-Smoked. Yes, it's the happy medium! We like this one for its toothsome texture and its lean consistency - a little drier than Nova. The smokehouse cures our Scotch-Smoked according to Saul and Ann's exact specifications, and no side gets sold without their approval. With that kind of attention, you know you are getting the best. You and your bagels deserve it. Choose 8-oz or 1-lb. Overnight shipping required.
Item No. 211001L

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  • Package Size: 8-oz or 1-lb
  • Serving Size: 6-8 people per pound
  • Preparation: Hand sliced