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Zabar's Loose Tea Collection - 3.53oz Tin

$7.49 - $11.98
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$7.49 - $11.98

Loose tea is available for close scrutiny - it isn't hiding in a little teabag. Loose tea is economical - you can reuse the leaves twice, sometimes three times. Thus, it better be good: a clean product, fresh leaves, and a robust aroma are required. You already know how picky we are at Zabar's, and our dedication to sourcing the best products includes our search for fine tea. This is why New Yorkers line up every day at Zabar's Coffee and Tea counter to get their favorite loose teas bagged to order. All that volume means no tea sits in our store for long. It's fresh!
Choose from: Darjeeling, full-bodied and long-leafed with a mellow taste; English Breakfast, a bright and fragrant classic; Russian Caravan, a smooth and flavorful, medium - bodied blend; Earl Grey, a blend of Darjeeling, Assam, China and Ceylon teas with a citrus aftertaste; Organic Orange Cranberry, Special Blend, Organic Irish Breakfast, Roobios, China Green, English Breakfast and Decaf Earl Grey.
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  • Package Size: 3.53oz