Zabar's Passover Seder Dinner for 12

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Zabar's Passover Seder Dinner for 12, , large
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Zabar's Passover Seder Dinner for 12

Item# 41100UE
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A complete, 3-course dinner to serve at home or send to friends and family – just heat and serve (no cooking required!)

What's Inside: • Decorated Seder plate with haroset, bitter herbs, horseradish, roasted egg & shank bone • Zabar's homemade chicken soup (6 qts) • Zabar's matzoh balls (24 pcs) • Zabar's gefilte fish (24 pcs) • Zabar's homestyle red horseradish (1 lbs) • Zabar's brisket (8 lbs) • Zabar's gravy (2 qts) • Zabar's potato latkes (3 lbs) • Zabar's homemade applesauce (2 lbs) • Zabar's vegetable soufflé (36 oz) • Israeli matzoh (2 boxes) • Macaroons (2 containers) • Passover cakes (2 cakes).

Please note: Items in this package are not Kosher.
Decorated with haroset, bitter herbs, horseradish , roasted egg and shank bone.

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