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Zabar's Prepack Nova Salmon (Kosher)

$22.98 - $184.98
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$22.98 - $184.98

This is what's made Zabar's famous (well, okay, that and our incredible selection of the best goods at reasonable prices!) Saul and Ann Zabar continue Louis Zabar's dedication to uncompromising quality, and it really shows in our Appy counter. Nova Smoked Salmon is our most popular fish item. It's the mildest, least briny lox we sell, with a smooth, silky texture and a clean and fresh taste. Each side is cured in a balanced blend of sugar and salt, and cold-smoked over natural wood. Get to know the difference. Go on, spoil yourself! Choose 8-oz 1-lb 3.5-lbs. Overnight shipping required.

KOF-K kosher
KOF-K Kosher Supervision
Item No. 211001G

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  • Storage - Up to 7 days in refrigerator or 1 month in freezer
  • Package Size: 8-oz, 1-lb or 3.5-lbs
  • Kosher: Yes