Zabar's Preserves - 13oz (Kosher)

Item# A11001T


Zabar's Preserves - 13oz  (Kosher), , large
KF kosher
The Federation of Synagogues

Zabar's Preserves - 13oz (Kosher)

Item# A11001T
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Flavor Quantity Price
Strawberry Currently Unavailable $7.98
Black Currant $8.98
Morello Cherry $8.98
Apricot $9.97
Blueberry $9.97
Chestnut Cream $9.97
Peach Currently Unavailable $9.97
Bitter Orange $9.98
Blackberry Currently Unavailable $9.98
Mirabella Plum Currently Unavailable $9.98
Raspberry $11.98

Additional Information

Made in France just for us, it begins with premium fruits, picked with care at their peak or ripeness and flavor. These luscious fruits are combined with just cane sugar, lemon juice and pectin, producing preserves your croissants or baguettes will appreciate. Available in apricot, blueberry, blackberry, strawberry, raspberry, morello cherry, peach, mirabella plum, clementine, orange, chestnut cream, and black currant. Please specify flavor. 13 oz.