Prosciutto Di Parma Ham (Imported from Italy)

Item# 411001U


Prosciutto Di Parma Ham (Imported from Italy), , large

Prosciutto Di Parma Ham (Imported from Italy)

Item# 411001U
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The word "Prociutto" means ham in Italian. But, prosciutto is not your ordinary ham. Prosciutto di Parma comes from the Parma region of Italy. The meat is salt cured and then allowed to dry in the sweet breeze of Italy for up to two years. It develops a rich complex unique flavor. Sliced into paper thin, almost transparent slices it can be enjoyed as a part of your Antipasti, wrapped around fruit or vegetables, in salads or tossed in pasta. Imported from Italy. Available in 8-oz or 1-lb packages, half- or whole hams. Overnight shipping required.

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