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Zabar's Soft Kosher Salami - 14oz

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Bold, garlicky salami, soft and easy to slice. This is one of those meats we've all enjoyed since childhood. Sometimes we'd sneak a thick hunk right from the fridge, other times it would appear between slices of rye, and on lucky weekends, our omelettes were polka-dotted with these meaty circles. Sadly, it's not the easiest to find in most grocery stores. Well, Zabar's isn't most grocery stores, as if we had to tell you that. Our soft kosher salami is just like you remember, but better - we deliver! Available in 14oz or 28oz. (Kosher) Requires overnight shipping.
Item No. 411001V-00B

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  • Package Size: 1lb
  • Size: 14-oz
  • Kosher: Kosher