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Zojirushi 6-Cup Rice Cooker/ Steamer #NHS10

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Rice cookers are very useful because despite the name, they are a vesatile kitchen tool. You can also make bulghur, couscous, and other grains in a rice cooker, and steam all kinds of food like vegetables, seafood, even meats. If you find yourself short on burners when cooking, this tool is a way to free up space on your stovetop.
This is a very nice basic model that is sized perfectly for a one or two person household. it's great to be able to set your grain to cook in the Rice Cooker and then concentrate on preparing the rest of your meal, knowing that it will shut off automatically when the rice is cookes to tender, fluffy perfection.
• Single switch control
• See-through glass lid with stay cool knob
• Stainless steel steaming tray
• Automatic keep warm function
• Removeable non-stick inner cooking pan
Item No. B25900N