Zoku Quick Pop Maker

Item# B2FI001


Zoku Quick Pop Maker, , large

Zoku Quick Pop Maker

Item# B2FI001
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We are so excited about finding the Zoku Quick Pop Maker! Making frozen treats-on-a-stick is a hallowed rite of summer, and we've come a long way from the powdered drink mix + ice cube tray + plastic wrap + toothpicks method. With the Quick Pop Maker, not only are you using your own fresh chilled ingredients, it's so fast you can watch them freeze before your eyes in 7-9 minutes! The most basic pops can be made with your favorite naturally-sweetened juices, fruit nectar and purees, yogurts, and soft drinks. Because the pops freeze in minutes, you can have a blast making them multi-layered. Thin slices of fruit will immediately freeze to the side of the mold, and there are directions for making filled pops, too!
Definitely not just for kids; mimosas or watermelon margaritas on-a-stick, anyone? Think "savory" as well as sweet, too; can you imagine how fabulous a frozen Bloody Mary, or even a cucumber/lime/chile pop would taste on a hot summer day?
• Nonstick interior
• Easy prep and clean up
• Freeze for 24 hours before use
• Store in freezer and remove when needed
• Makes up to 3 batches (9 pops) in a single session
• Comes with 6 each sticks and drip cups (you can buy more separately)
• Optional Storage Case (sold separately) holds 6 pops
• Includes Super Tool which makes removing pops easy and fun
• Quite compact; Quick Pop Maker is 8" x 4.25" x 4.5"