Zabar's Handsliced Nova Salmon
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Zabar's Handsliced Nova Salmon

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8 oz $25.98
1 lb $51.98
Our heart and soul... our pride and joy. Carefully selected and meticulously cured in a delicate blend of salt and sugar, then cold-smoked over natural wood. Masterful paper-thin slicing and tender packing complete the process. The whole side of salmon arrives sliced and reassembled, ready for serving. Also sold by the pound. Choose 8-oz or 1-lb. Smoked nova is typically a filet of salmon that's been cured in a salt and (small amount of sugar) sugar brine. Then, it's cold smoked at no higher than 75 degrees over hard wood chips, such as hickory. Nova is the mildest of the smoked salmons. Overnight shipping required.

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