Classic Zabar's Basket (Kosher)

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Classic Zabar's Basket (Kosher)

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When New Yorkers crave "a little something sweet", they head to 80th and Broadway. You, on the other hand, can satisfy those cravings online or over the phone! Sweet nibbles and fresh roasted coffee come packed in a hand-woven basket: Zabar's cinnamon rugelach, Zabar's Oatmeal cookies, Zabar's chocolate babka, Lazzaroni Amaretti cookies, Erica's apricot raspberry rugelach, Zabar's assorted hamantashen, Zabar's truffle-filled apple, Almondina's, Zabar's berry nut mix, 1lb Zabar's Special Blend vacuum packed coffee, Zabar's mug.
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Part of Zabar's Gift Boxes, Gift Baskets, and Gift Crates Collection.

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