Zabar's Is New York Box
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Zabar's Is New York Box

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It's like a dream shopping spree at their favorite nosherie! All our most famous, most delectable, most "New York" delicacies-packed in a big brown box:1/2lb Zabar's nova, plain cream cheese 8oz, 6 plain Zabar's NY Original Toasting Bagels, 1/2lb Zabar's kosher all-beef pastrami, Zabar's signature sourdough rye bread, Zabar's deli mustard, 1lb Zabar's kosher all-beef salami, Zabar's mini potato knishes, Lazzaroni Amaretti cookies, Zabar's chocolate babka, Zabar's cinnamon rugelach, Zabar's black and white cookies, Zabar's chocolate truffle filled apple, I LOVE NY cookie, Zabar's traditional almond biscotti, 1lb Zabar's Special Blend vacuum packed coffee, Zabar's coffee scoop, Zabar's coffee mug, How-to's for brewing the perfect cup of NY coffee.
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