Quintessential Zabar's Basket
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Quintessential Zabar's Basket

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Whatever you crave from Zabar's can be found in this bountiful basket-our fish, our meats, our heavenly baked goods and our rich, robust coffee. In a word, "Wow!",1/2lb Zabar's nova, 1/2lb Zabar's Scottish cured salmon, 1lb Zabar's kosher all-beef salami, 1/2lb Zabar's all-beef pastrami, Zabar's deli mustard, Zabar's signature sourdough rye bread, Zabar's plain cream cheese, Zabar's whitefish salad, Zabar's cinnamon rugelach, Guylian Belgian chocolates, Lazzaroni Amaretti cookies, three assorted Zabar's chocolate bars, 6 plain and 6 sesame Zabar's NY Original Toasting Bagels, Zabar's almond biscotti, 1lb Zabar's Special Blend vacuum packed coffee, Zabar's coffee scoop, Zabar's coffee mug, How-to's on brewing the perfect cup.
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